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PORK | FROZEN                                              Bacon Wrapped

                                                               AP bestseller! Bake,
                                               CarveMaster Ham   Pork Fillets (6 pack)
                                                               grill, or pan fry. Raw.
                                               Boneless, natural juice   6/5 oz. fillets
                                               ham, made from only    #5589....$10.99
                                               fresh outside muscle, slow   Just $1.83 each!
                                               smoked with real apple
                                               wood.  Fully cooked.  Bacon Wrapped
                                               7-8 lbs. avg.    Pork Fillets (Case)
                                               #7960..$35.99   30/5 oz. case
                                                               Just $1.57 each!

     CarveMaster                                              Seasoned Center-Cut
     Cob-Smoked                                               Pork Chops
     Boneless Ham                                             Bone-in, Raw, lean and trimmed.
     Fully-cooked ham.                                        Marinated for added tenderness.
     Corn-cob smoked for old                                  GF 32/5 oz., 10 lb.
     fashioned flavor.                                        #6305....$43.99
     Comes frozen.                                            Compare our price of $4.40 per
     Avg. 3-4 lb.                                             lb. to Schwan's cost of $8.00
      #1109….$18.99                                           per lb., and save 45% with AP!

     Smoke'n Fast Roasted & Seared
     Pork Shoulder
     Perfectly-seasoned, moist and tender pork in             Bone-In Ham Steaks
     savory au jus. Boil in bag, or heat in slow cooker       Fully cooked, hearty ham steaks. Individually
     or oven, then shred.                                     vacuum sealed for freshness.
     GF 2 / 5 lb. case                                        GF Big 1 lb. steaks, 4 per order
     #6878…$48.99                                             #5659....$21.49

                                            “All Meat” Hot Dogs by the Case
                                            Larger, ¼ lb. hot dogs. No MSG added.
                                            GF 4 per lb./40 ct./10 lb. case
                                            #5608....$37.99 | 95¢ each

    Bratwurst Minis
    Fully-cooked. Skinless. Approx. 50-3.5”
    links per package. Oven bake, grill, or griddle.                             Lit’l Smokies® Cocktail Links
    5 lb. pack
    #4843…$22.99                                                                 Pork, turkey, and beef  smoked to perfection.
                                                                                 Fully cooked. GF 3 lb. pouch
           8                                                                     #6042….$16.99
                                                                               Photo shows recipe suggestion.
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