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                                                                                               We’re proud to now offer
                                                                                              Certified Hereford Beef. Cattle
                                                                                            ranchers have always known quality
       NEW! Shrimp, Peeled & Deveined                         NEW! Certified Hereford Choice  beef comes from great cattle,
       White shrimp sourced from Indonesia and                Flat Iron Steaks               and the best cattle—Hereford
       Vietnam. 26/30 ct. Tail-off. Raw.                      Naturally flavorful beef from premium breeding.   cattle—produce the
       2 lb. bag                                              6/8 oz. steaks                      perfect steak!
       #1545….$17.99                                          #1554….$31.49 | $5.25 per steak!

                     Using a 126-year-old family recipe, Jones Dairy crafts their classic breakfast sausages with just five honest ingredients: pork, water, salt, spices and a natural
                   casing. They’re seasoned with a hand-mixed spice blend for a savory, authentic flavor you won’t find anywhere else. And because they never add binders or fillers,
                                their sausages are naturally gluten-free. No added hormones. No added MSG. No preservatives. No nitrates or nitrites.

                                                              All-Natural Pork  All-Natural Pork   Naturally Hickory Smoked
                                                              Sausage Patties   Sausage Links      Canadian Bacon Slices
    All-Natural Cherrywood                 Maple Pork Sausage Links  Fully-cooked, mildly-seasoned.   Fully-cooked; mildly-seasoned.   Center cut from the pork loin,
    Smoked Turkey Bacon          Jones Dairy Turkey   Sweetened with real Wisconsin   36-38 patties.    80-82 links.   smoked with real hickory chips.
    Fully cooked; minimally processed.  Sausage Patties  maple syrup. Fully cooked.    GF 1.5 oz. / 3.5 lb. bag  GF .7 oz. / 3.5 lb. bag  97% fat free. 40 slices.
    GF 8 oz. pack       GF 1.25 oz. / 20 oz. bag  GF 28 oz. bag  #4041….$20.99  #4043….$20.99      GF 24 oz.
    #4039….$5.99        #4040….$9.99       #4045….$9.99       Just .57 per patty!  Just .26 per link!  #4047….$17.99

    NEW! Mega Sourdough Bread Loaf         NEW! Tony’s Italian Breadsticks                                See our 3 NEW
    Soft and chewy oversized sourdough bread loaf.    Tender buttery breadsticks seasoned with           Frozen Cookie Dough
                                                                                                          Flavors on pg. 35!
    Sandwich-sliced (5/8”).                Italians herbs. Ready to eat.
    1.5 lb. loaf                           12 ct. bag                            NEW! Frozen Cookie Dough Pucks
    #1551….$5.99                           #1552….$5.99                          1.33 oz. / 180 ct. cookies

    Australian Soft Eating Liquorice                          Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Licorice
    Gently cooked to seal in moisture, creating a soft texture   No artificial colors or flavors added.
    and fresh taste.                                          5 oz. bags / 12 ct. case
    1.4 oz. / 25 ct. Box                                      $18.99
    $21.99 | Just .88 each!                                   ♦ #1533 Traditional Black
    ♦ #1531 Original Black                                    ♦ #1534 Strawberry
    ♦ #1532 Strawberry                                        ♦ #1535 Berry Fusion
                        We care about your diet needs and want you to have all the information necessary to make your meal decisions.
         For more detailed ingredient lists and nutritional information, please visit and search for any product by product number or name.
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